RefreshColorCleaning™ – Adding Color Back Into Your Carpet To Refresh It

What is RefreshColorCleaning™

Do you know that your carpet color loses about 2-3% of its color each year due to atmospheric conditions, sun, environment etc?

We can “Refresh” the color of your carpet completely by adding color dye into our carpet cleaning as we clean.  The Carpet comes out looking fantastic and is so much cheaper to keep your carpet looking brand new even as it ages.

Revive Carpet Repair will use proven methods that are far superior two others. We use our special “RefreshColorCleaning”™ methods and the results are permanent and will look as good as the color that was applied to your carpet when it was produced at the carpet mill. We will analyze your carpet, and add the most dominate color back in, giving your carpet that “pop” that it needed and that you so loved when you picked out your carpet in the first place.


The carpet color experts at Revive Carpet Repair provide professional and prompt top-notch coloring services. You will get nothing but the highest quality most vibrant results each and every time that you choose us to handle all of your carpet dyeing needs.  Revive carpet repair will schedule a timely consultation and come out to your home or business so that we are able to evaluate your carpet situation and advise you as to what will be the best options for bringing new life back to your carpet.

RefreshColorCleaning™ and Dyeing
A majority of people do not realize that carpet that is in their home or place of business loses approximately 3% of its color annually for various reasons. The biggest reason for the loss of color in your carpet he’s usually traffic, cleaning, and sun fading. And the fact is a majority of this color lost is unavoidable because you are needing to have your carpet cleaned regularly and of course our clients want to be able to enjoy the natural light that comes from windows, as well as visitors. The highly-skilled experts at Revive Carpet Repair have the necessary experience to add the small amount of coloring to your carpet as we clean your carpet, which will help to restore your carpets original vibrancy. If these services have never been performed for you, it is possible that what your carpet may need is a complete and full color restoration, to be followed by annual maintenance involving RefreshColorCleaning™.

Color Restoration
Proper care and maintenance of your carpet is something that requires special care and time. Revive Carpet Repair will advise you about the things that can damage your carpet, and we will also explain how we are capable of restoring natural color to your carpet. 

Something recommended to help keep your carpets from getting too much dirt on them is to use threshold mats both inside and outside. Dirt gets embedded into your carpet when you walk on it and you can use your vacuum cleaner to get most of the top dirt off. When this dirt at gets embedded in the carpet and begins to make it brown with stains on the carpet, it is time to call in a professional.

A top priority is maintaining the cleanliness and color of your carpet. Provided that you use the right tools and solutions light cleaning can be done by yourself.

Before they can soak into the fibers of your carpet, stains should be removed immediately. Depending on the strength of the various stains it is possible that you may have a real problem on your hands. Various stains will cause varying loss of fiber color.

Revive Carpet Repair uses RefreshColorCleaning™ to restore your carpets original vibrancy and color Within our arsenal of supplies and knowledge we have a wide variety of Shades and colors that will help to get your carpet looking brand new once again.

Color Restoration
The discoloration of your carpet can be result from several things, such as exposure to sunlight, chemical spills, or even fade spots that come from over cleaning or furniture. No matter what the tone or shading condition of your carpet is at the present time, Revive Carpet Repair will find the perfect color match.

To get fresh and new looking carpet in your home, basic cleaning and cleaning products are simply not enough These types of products are capable of removing basic additives and dirt, but they are not capable of restoring a room’s original vibrancy and vitality.

As stated before every year purpose lose a small percentage of the original color to sun fading regardless of how well you take care of them. Areas that are exposed to direct sunlight can lose even more color. Because of this, not even the best carpet cleaner can restore the look that is lost when this type of color loss occurs.

RefreshColorCleaning™ is capable of restoring that percentage of color loss that is lost annually while at the same time effectively cleaning your carpet. The combination of dyeing and cleaning will leave the carpet looking much more vibrant, like the day that you installed it. Using the RefreshColorCleaning™ process on an annual basis in place after additional cleaning, will help to keep your carpet looking it’s very best.

Once the experts at Revive Carpet Repair have completed the service you will be able to clean and vacuum your carpets just as you always have.

Rather than spending a large amount if you’re very hard earned money on traditional carpet cleaning, call the experts at Revive Carpet Repair and let them use the RefreshColorCleaning™ process to provide you an effective and truly long-term money saving option. Call today to find out more about this amazing service!

Why buy when you can dye? 

So give us a call to discuss your carpet today at (310) 736-2018!


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We are certified by the IICRC for Carpet Repair, Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Color Correction


  1. Colorful Carpets Certification (Dye Master Chris Howell)
  2. Master Oriental Rug Color Correction School- Auserehlian and Company Master Schools (Dye Master Ron Toney)
  3. Master Oriental Rug Cleaning Science School- Auserehlian and Company Master Schools (Dye Master Ron Toney)
  4. Master Oriental Rug Cleaning ID School - Auserehlian and Company Master Schools (Dye Master Ron Toney)
  5. Color Repair Technician (CRT)-  IICRC
  6. Carpet Repair & Reinstallation (RRT)- IICRC
  7. Carpet Cleaning & Color Correction (Dyeing)
  8. Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT)- IICRC
  9. Odor Control (OCT)- IICRC
  10. Fire & Smoke Restoration (FSR)- IICRC

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