Water Damaged Carpet

We repair Water Damaged Carpet ASAP

Steps you should take if you have had water damage on your carpet:

  1. Gently with pliers pull up the wet edge off tack strip in a corner- being careful to NOT tear carpet
  2. with a cut knife- Immediately cut out water soaked pad and throw it in a garbage bag
  3. With a shop vac- attempt to soak up as much water as you can
  4. peel back the carpet as you did when you cut out all the soaked pad, and with your wet-dry vac, vacuum substrate, trying to get all the water off of the floor as quickly as possible.
  5. Set Fans to dry the substrate first, then the carpet second.
  6. Try to set fans on top of and below carpet, increasing vapor pressure thus allowing the evaporation of water.
  7. You will need to call us to get water out of the carpet in most cases, as well as to clean, reinstall pad and carpet later, restretching and cleaning the carpet.


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We are certified by the IICRC for Carpet Repair, Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Color Correction


  1. Colorful Carpets Certification (Dye Master Chris Howell)
  2. Master Oriental Rug Color Correction School- Auserehlian and Company Master Schools (Dye Master Ron Toney)
  3. Master Oriental Rug Cleaning Science School- Auserehlian and Company Master Schools (Dye Master Ron Toney)
  4. Master Oriental Rug Cleaning ID School - Auserehlian and Company Master Schools (Dye Master Ron Toney)
  5. Color Repair Technician (CRT)-  IICRC
  6. Carpet Repair & Reinstallation (RRT)- IICRC
  7. Carpet Cleaning & Color Correction (Dyeing)
  8. Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT)- IICRC
  9. Odor Control (OCT)- IICRC
  10. Fire & Smoke Restoration (FSR)- IICRC

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