Furniture Moving Policy


“Do I have to Move My Furniture In Order To Stretch The Carpeting?” is the most common questions we get.

Re-stretching wall to wall carpet is a very similar process to installing carpet brand new. When
re-stretching it is very important the area being stretched is 50%-100% empty and furniture free. If
not empty it will void our lifetime labor guarantee. For More information, see: Carpet stretching Process: the Anatomy of Carpet Stretching Explained

Furniture Moving: Options for You:

1) You can remove the furniture and objects from the area, leaving it 100% empty and furniture
2) We offer assistance for furniture moving that can be moved quickly, we do NOT disassemble

Furniture Moving Policy (Please Read & Acknowledge Prior To Us Showing Up):

If you wish to utilize our Furniture Moving services, you must prep the room or area
by doing a few things:

  • Furniture is the only thing that should be left on the floor prior to our arrival.
    Standing lamps, plants, vases, boxes, etc. must be removed before we arrive.
  • Dressers must be cleared off and drawers removed (nightstand drawers can remain).
  • All electronic items must be disconnected and removed prior to our arrival. This
    includes lamps, televisions, cable boxes, computers, etc. (Wall mounted items can
  • Bedding (pillows, sheets, and blankets must be 50-100% removed prior to our arrival.
  • Items under the bed need to be removed from the room prior to our arrival.
  • Knick Knacks, books, collectibles, decorative items, etc. Must be moved off of the
    furniture prior to our arrival.
  • When stretching a closet, please have all items off of the floor. Low hanging items
    must be removed prior to our arrival.
  • If all of these items are not done prior to our arrival, an additional fee may be applied to the
    final quote.
  • We move the furniture 5 to 7 feet away from the area that we are stretching at the time  (Note: We do NOT empty an entire room of furniture). We carry furniture sliders and can and have moved even 900 lb items, such as massage chairs in order to stretch rooms successfully.
  • Also, please remember, we are the ONLY company to offer a lifetime warranty on carpet stretching against this ever happening again!Revive Carpet Repair Los Angeles


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Carpet stretching Process: the Anatomy of Carpet Stretching Explained

True Carpet Stretching is the installation of carpet using a power stretcher that is on a pole system that has claws that dig into the latex backing of the carpet, and using leverage applies about 674 pounds of force on the carpet. The carpet is Power stretched up to 8 different directions under tension (see diagram to the right), and then under tension is reattached onto the tack strip, then is trimmed and tucked along the perimeter of the room to the sub-floor, usually either concrete or wood.

Why did wrinkling or buckling or rippling happen to my carpet?

Wrinkling or buckling of your carpet happened because your carpet was improperly installed, most likely with a knee kicker (shown here)knee kicker for carpet. This was probably because you went to a big box store who outsources to the lowest bidder and they know you wont see this for 3 to 5 years and so they don’t care and provide no real recourse for this type of installation, which in most cases, violates the carpet manufacture’s warranty. All carpet MUST be installed with a power stretcher