Stretch Carpet Without Moving Furniture


Can Carpet Be Stretched Without Moving My Furniture?

We ONLY do Carpet “Power-Stretching”: we stretch the carpet under tension with about 700ft-lbs of tension, and re-attach carpet onto tack strip while its under tension.

This question gets asked on a daily basis. The short answer is Yes, we can stretch your carpet without emptying your room, we don’t have to empty a room completely to do a carpet stretch. But we do need to move items around in the room or move Some items out of the room.

However, since carpet manufacture guidelines mandate using a power stretcher, we do need to do the following:

  • We have you remove breakable items such as lamps, electronics, and collectibles BEFORE we arrive. (note: please see our furniture moving policy)
  • We have you strip the bed BEFORE we arrive.
  • We carry furniture sliders with us and will move furniture at least 5 feet away from the area that we are stretching. (Note: We do NOT have to break down bed frames or heavy beds).
  • For people with items bolted to walls such as hutches etc,, please take a picture and text it to us at (805) 660-4048 TEXT ONLY. You can call us at (310) 736-2018 PHONE.

We try to make this as painless as possible for you while upholding manufacture guidelines regarding carpet stretching..AND…we warranty your carpet stretch FOR LIFE OF THE CARPET. so it has to be done right by us, even if you didn’t ask us. We DON’T allow our technicians to NOT USE a carpet power stretcher, as the entire reason we’re in business is because you received a “blow-and-go” carpet install with that technician using a knee-kicker…

btw, Revive Carpet Repair Does Carpet Installation as well, and….with the same Lifetime Labor Guarantee as our Carpet Stretching. In fact, Carpet Stretching, by definition is a 50% reinstall of your carpet. We take the carpet of 2 of the 4 sides, stretch it up to 8 different directions, and…under 700lbs of tension with a carpet power-stretcher, re-stretch your carpet and re-attach onto carpet tack strips. fact, we warranty the stretch AND the install FOR LIFE!! Who does this? Are we crazy? Well, we might be, see, we just believe in doing a job right, or not doing it all!

So, how do our carpet Installers work around furniture?

Well, we do need to move the furniture away from the area that we are stretching. We use furniture sliders. We’ve moved 900lb massage chairs and crazy heavy items. We do charge for furniture moving, $15 per piece of furniture that we touch, because we have to move it twice. Also if the item weighs 100 lbs or is amazingly difficult there will be a $50 per piece of furniture charge. Be sure to see our furniture moving policy. See, were not movers, but we do recognize the need to help out for those customers who really need help, and our furniture sliders help us. Be sure to text us a picture of the room with the furniture in it and have us quote you exactly what the charge, IF ANY, would be.

Carpet Stretching Guidelines- We stretch up to 8 different directions

Carpet Stretching Guidelines- We stretch up to 8 different directions

and they knew you would not see it for 3 years minimum. So integrity and quality workmanship are job #1 for us!

We guarantee all our work for the lifetime of the carpet, and we promise that you will love the results! Call today!

FAQ: “How Much Does Carpet Restretching Cost?” (click here)

Reasons to do business with Revive Carpet Repair:

  • Guaranteed Power-Stretching (vs. knee-kicked carpet that often fails in 3 years)!
  • $1 Million Liability Policy to protect you (which we’ve never had to use before due to superior work performed)
  • Top-notch 5 star reviews, did you read them, they are current and accurate from our real customers, check them out!
  • 100% Lifetime warranty on our install against seam issues or buckling and wrinkling that occur with other companies because they did NOT use a power-stretcher like we do.
  • Our promise to you: If there is any problem with your carpet install, we come back to fix it for free if we caused it
  • over 37 Years experience

  • Wool Carpet Repair, Cleaning, Stretching & Installation Specialists
  • We sell carpet also, click on our Buy Carpet., tell us the make & model and we can stop by and pick up your carpet on the way to you= ONE STOP SHOPPING & INSTALL FOR YOU!
  • We teach carpet stretching & installation, so odds on, by installing carpet with us, you’re getting the teacher!