Carpet Cleaning- Our 10 Step Process


Hey Friends! Thank you for your interest in Carpet Cleaning! We do expert 10-Step Deep Carpet Cleaning or “Move-Out” Cleaning. Our minimum prices start at $150 depending on your area and average $.60/Square Foot.

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So What is 10-Step Deep Cleaning?

Here is our 10-Step Deep Cleaning Process explained:

Step 1: Pre-inspection

carpet pre-inspection

You brought us out to your home for a reason, we want to find out what your hot buttons are in order to give you the best carpet cleaning.

Step 2: Commercial Pre-Vacuum

windsor xp 15 commercial vacuum

Pre-Vacuuming is very important as we remove 80% of the dry soils this way. Also, we don’t want to create extra “mud soup” in your carpet on easily removed dry soils prior to wetting the carpet. Most carpet cleaning companies don’t do this, we do.

Step 3: Custom Chemistry Formulation For Your Particular Carpeting Situation(s)custom carpet chemistry formulation for your particular carpet stain

The best formula for carpet cleaning is C-H-A-T: ( C) Chemistry (H) Heat (A) Agitation (T) Dwell Time for Chemicals.Also, most carpet cleaners DO NOT DO THIS STEP- BUT WE DO! They use the same chemistry on ALL peoples carpets. We do a custom formulation based on what you need not what the last person’s job required.

Step 4: Pre-Spotting Stains

technician applying prespotter to carpet stainsStains and high traffic areas are almost inevitable. Our Revive Carpet Cleaning technicians will determine which spotting chemical will best treat your stain.

Step 5: Pre-Spray- to Emulsify the soils and oils in your carpetprespraying carpet with hydroforce sprayer

We pre-spray all of the carpet which emulsifies or “breaks down” the soiling and oils in your carpet. It then raises the soil and oil out of the carpet dye site microscopically to the top of the carpet. Think of an ice cream scooping out ice cream, that’s what our pre-spray does to the soils in the carpet in preparation for extraction.

Step 6: Modern Power Scrubbing with Our Counter-Rotating Brush Machine

CRB brushpro to agitate carpet to work in prespray to emulsify soils and oils– think of it like a car wash for every fiber of your carpet. This works in the pre-spray to effectively break down tough spots and stains. What we want to do is as aggressive as possible but as gentle as needed is to work in the chemical to every single carpet fiber. This gives a dramatic clean effect. Also, most carpet cleaners DO NOT DO THIS STEP- BUT WE DO!

Step 7: Truck Mount Extraction Process- 205 degree steam coming off the end of our wand.prochem everest 650 truck mount carpet cleaning unit

This process is known as HWE- Hot Water Extraction. Our expert technicians will adjust the temperature AND pressure for your specific carpet type in order to achieve maximum results. We use a Prochem Peak 500, the TOP truck-mounted extraction unit in the industry. Revive Carpet Cleaning uses Every possible effort to get your carpet as clean as possible.

Step 8: Condition-Rinse & Neutralize your carpet

lowering the ph and rinsing your carpetAfter raising the alkalinity to achieve maximum results on nylon carpet, We drop the Ph, and rinse thoroughly the cleaning agents in your carpet, leaving your carpet silky smooth.This is a critical step, Most Cleaners DO NOT DO THIS STEP- BUT WE DO! They don’t neutralize the chemistry in your carpet. We neutralize your carpet with an acidic rinse, leaving your carpet silky smooth and squeaky clean!

Step 9: Carpet Groomingcarpet grooming

After thoroughly rinsing and conditioning your carpet, We groom your carpet. This accomplishes 2 results: (1) Grooming stands up all of the fibers allowing the best possible drying solution and position of your fibers as they dry while (2) giving your carpet that uniformed finished look- and btw, It just looks fabulous!

Step 10: Final Post Inspection With You, Our Customer😉

carpet cleaning post inspection with customerAfter completion of all work performed, a final walk through is done with you, our customer. Our crew leader will walk room to room and go over our work while answering any of your questions. If there were any problem areas discovered, we will discuss in detail the steps that were taken to treat them. All stains will be noted on our invoice and whether they came out or still remain and any action plan both of us came up for them.