Expert Carpet Stair Repair Done For You


Highest Quality Expert Carpet Stair Repairs- We Teach Carpet Stair Stretching & Repair! Over 37 Years.

Carpet Stair Repair

We repair & stretch & patch complicated carpeted areas such as stairs, landings, transition areas, rounded landings, stairs with railings in the middle of the carpet and hallways.

We are knowledgeable on how to minimize seams showing as well as having a uniform look with all fibers, including wool, which has to be done differently than nylon.

Carpet Stair Stretching

Is your Stair Carpet wrinkling, or coming off the stair(s)?

We Fix Loose Carpet on Stairs

Is your Stair Carpet loose and it moves when you step on it or is it a trip hazard? No problem, weve got you covered. We repair loose carpet on stairs, we detach 3 of the sides, restretch it and while its under tension with our carpet stair power stretcher, we re-attach it on to tack strips. We make it sturdy, & presentable, it will look like new again, we also re-trim it, tuck it, so it has a manicured look. We charge $30 per stair for waterfalled stairs, $45 for bull nose upholstered stairs and $55 for stairs that have spindles going in the middle of the carpet as we have to cut and patch each one so it looks great, then we reseam back together. If you’re ready to get started, go ahead and “Book Now & Be Done!” or call us at (310) 736-2018.

We Replace Carpet On Stairs Also!

We sell & install carpet, so we can replace carpet on stairs and install them the same day. There are 3 types of stairs: (1)waterfalled stairs (2) Upholstered Bullnose stairs (3) Stairs with spindles (wood) inserted in carpeted stair tread- No worries, we do all 3. Our labor charge is $30 per stair for waterfalled stairs, $40 per stair for upholstered bullnose & $55 per stair if they have spindles that connect to stair tread where we have to cut and stretch carpet around the spindle on the stair tread. Additionally, you’ll need to pay for the carpet & pad, but we sell it, please see carpet selection here, but we have virtually every type of carpet, just ask us and we’ll send you links to color samples etc.

we own both of these companies, check out our expert carpet stair stretching!

Please feel free to text pictures to (855) 723-3022 and we will give you a great estimate over the phone. After, once our technician arrives, they will measure and give you the exact price, whether its less, the same, or more. If you like the price, we came to do the work, so we will finish it right there and then. Unfortunately, due to the price of gas and traffic in southern california, we don’t do free in person estimates without coming to do the work, so we try to get you an accurate price range based on pictures, measurements you provide etc.

We guarantee all our work for the lifetime of the carpet, and we promise that you will love the results! 

So call us today to discuss your Stair Carpet Repair concerns!

Reasons to do business with Revive Carpet Repair:

  • Guaranteed Power-Stretching (vs. knee-kicked carpet that often fails in 3 years)!
  • $1 Million Liability Policy to protect you (which we’ve never had to use before due to superior work performed)
  • Top-notch 5 star reviews, did you read them, they are current and accurate from our real customers, check them out!
  • 100% Lifetime warranty on our install against seam issues or buckling and wrinkling that occur with other companies because they did NOT use a power-stretcher like we do.
  • Our promise to you: If there is any problem with your carpet install, we come back to fix it for free if we caused it
  • over 37 Years experience

  • Wool Carpet Repair, Cleaning, Stretching & Installation Specialists
  • We sell carpet also, click on our Buy Carpet., tell us the make & model and we can stop by and pick up your carpet on the way to you= ONE STOP SHOPPING & INSTALL FOR YOU!
  • We teach carpet stretching & installation, so odds on, by installing carpet with us, you’re getting the teacher!