How To Begin

Let’s start by Texting Pictures Of Your Carpet Situation(s) to (TEXT ONLY) (805) 409-3009 OR email pictures to ReviveCarpetRepair@Gmail (EMAIL)
Please check out our complete list of carpet repair services page or follow the links at the top of the page for more information about your specific carpet problem. And, if you need your carpet patched, please read this page before you call.
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Tell Us About Your Carpet Concern Problem Areas

I'm The HomeOwnerI'm RentingCommercial ClientContractor/Cleaning Company

Carpet Patch(es)Carpet StretchingCarpet DyeingCarpet CleaningCarpet InstallationTough Stain RemovalNew Carpet InstallationOther

BleachToilet Bowl CleanerPet UrineResolve/Other Carpet CleanerWineFood/GreaseSoda/KoolaidUnknown Stain

Yes, I tried to Fix It MyselfNo, After bleach spot, I havent touched it

Dirty CarpetClean Carpet

HomeownerTenantCommercial ClientContractor/Cleaning Company



(Note: we understand the importance of getting this fixed asap- We just need to know if there is a stop watch that were up against, such as a move-out etc)

YesNoI emailed them instead