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Many times when people first enter your home the first thing that they will see is your floor. After all it is by square footage most generally the largest surface area within your home, and since it is something that you have constant contact with, the flooring in your home is usually scrutinized, observed and critiqued by guestS and possible buyers as well. So basically if your floor doesn’t look good, you can pretty much know that that will reflect in a poor manner on how people perceive your ability to up keep your home. If the carpet in your home is an unlikeable color, stained, discolored, or even faded for one reason or another, it’s probably wise to consider refurbishing it. However what do you do if the condition of your carpet is good but it doesn’t look good? At that point it’s pretty obvious that it is a waste of your hard-earned money to replace carpeting that already has quality pile. Many times, the best solution, and most economical solution is carpet dyeing.

Faded Carpet: Should I Repair it or Replace It?

Most generally, there are multiple factors to consider in deciding on whether to dye or replace the damaged carpet in your home. Let’s say for instance that you have some high-quality carpet in your home that is less than about 10 years old, then this will very rarely ever warrant replacement. If for instance the carpet is basically brand-new, but for one reason or another, it looks abused and or old, what may happen is that the carpet is not worn down, coming apart, or torn up, yet it still appears to need replacing. How can that happen? Maybe it’s because of kids that were careless with a beverage, or a dog who couldn’t wait to get outside, or maybe even sun fading which has destroyed the fiber and colors of your carpet.

Basic Concepts of Color Dyeing

Similar to taking a piece of wood and simply painting it, you don’t just take carpet and cover up the various imperfections it may contain. We have experts who specialize in carpet dyeing and are trained in the concepts of color coordination. Unlike various other types of home renovation, this is not a project that you want to be obvious in any way. What you want is that it appears very seamless and very natural. Because of this, highly trained professionals and experts will most often use specialized techniques to ensure the dyeing is invisible to the naked eye.

Spot Control:

Stains most often are not perfectly white unless they are caused by bleach. Most times, they’re usually some type of pinkish color or hue due to various factors. As a result, in order to get back the carpets original color and luster, the stain must be offset by what is known as a counteracting color, and this technique requires extensive training knowledge and application.

Revive Carpet Repair uses a specialized training, chemicals, expertise to deal with various stains such as:


It could be various cleaners, bleach, medicines, skin care products, pool chemicals, disinfectants or even pesticides. Color loss can even be caused by chemicals which are much less harsh, but left for extended periods of time on the carpet The highly skilled exerts of Revive Carpet Repair will use the “RefreshColorCleaning”™ system to neutralize whatever type of chemical has caused the stain and replace the color that is missing, so that the results will be a virtually unnoticeable spot. Most often it is completely uncessary to replace the carpet at all.

Rust spots:

When iron oxide is exposed to water, and comes in contact with your carpet, the result is rust. Furniture many times has pieces on the bottom which are covered in metal, and if liquid comes in contact with the bottom of that furniture piece, the result overtime will be the rust stains on the carpet. It could be a refrigerator, air conditioning system, legs of various types of furniture, or even a water heater, that will cause rust stains on your carpets. These rust stains typically bond to the carpet, which makes it very difficult to remove.

Dark Spots

These type of spots can be caused by many things such as food, dirt from the outside, ashes from the fireplace, dirt tracked in by feet, and many other types of things found in your home.

Red spots

These type of spots can be caused liquid paint, or even nail polish. The red stain must be removed and then the carpet can be returned to the original color.

Sun Fading

This type of damage is usually caused by either direct or indirect sun light that shines on the carpet. Most often the carpet near the window will have more severe loss of color and this will typically become less and less noticeable, the farther you get into the room. If for example, a small area rug or even a piece of furniture is close to the window for an extended period of time and then moved, this type of fading can also occur. Often, you will see how below the rug or your furniture, the original color of your carpet is intact. Carpet fading can also occur in areas where there is more traffic.

Furniture Stains

This can be caused by the transfer of the color stain from the furniture rubbing off onto the carpet. And this is generally because of exposure to water from either a spill or even flood damage.

Whether Revive Carpet Repair restores the original color to your carpet after removing various types of stains or whether we change the color of your carpet completely, Revive Carpet Repair will use proven methods that are far superior two others. We use our patented “RefreshColorCleaning”™ methods and the results are permanent and will look as good as the color that was applied to your carpet when it was produced at the carpet mill.

So, before you spend potentially thousand of dollars on replacing your stained carpet, stop what you’re doing and call us today! The highly skilled experts of Revive Carpet Repair will save you big headaches, and a lot of money by allowing you to completely change the color of your carpet and fix spots or stains that you have without having to replace all of the carpet! Call now! 1 310 736 2018


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We are certified by the IICRC for Carpet Repair, Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Color Correction


  1. Colorful Carpets Certification (Dye Master Chris Howell)
  2. Master Oriental Rug Color Correction School- Auserehlian and Company Master Schools (Dye Master Ron Toney)
  3. Master Oriental Rug Cleaning Science School- Auserehlian and Company Master Schools (Dye Master Ron Toney)
  4. Master Oriental Rug Cleaning ID School - Auserehlian and Company Master Schools (Dye Master Ron Toney)
  5. Color Repair Technician (CRT)-  IICRC
  6. Carpet Repair & Reinstallation (RRT)- IICRC
  7. Carpet Cleaning & Color Correction (Dyeing)
  8. Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT)- IICRC
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