Cellulosic Browning- Why Did My Carpets “Brown” After Carpet Cleaning?

What is VLM (Very Low Moisture) Carpet Cleaning?

VLM and Hot Water Extraction (HWE) are both “extraction” processes. HWE extracts and draws the spots and soiling into a waste tank; VLM extracts and draws the spots and soiling into the bonnets, which THEN are washed, sending the dirt into the same place as HWE- the sewer system.
In VLM,  A wet Polymer coats the dry & wet soil surrounding it and creating a “sticky” solution.  The sticky carpeting is then Bonnet cleaned, which is agitation of the sticky polimer and surrounded soil into the microfiber.  the dirty soil sticks to the bonnet and is removed immediately by us.  Any remaining crystalized polymers would then become Hard and would fall to the base of the fiber near the primary backing.  They would be subsequently removed through vacuuming.  The crystallizing solutions employed and low moisture attributes of the encapsulation method help to eliminate these problems. Encapsulation makes it simple to maintain commercial carpets and keep them looking cleaner longer over an extended period.  


How does encapsulation technology work?
Formulated with a powerful surfactant package that effectively draws soil away from the carpet’s surface and into the encapsulation polymer.
Unique polymer absorbs soil and holds it in suspension making it possible to recover the encapsulated soil during the normal post vacuuming process.
Surrounds and neutralizes oily soil and inhibits the attraction of dry soil so it is easier to remove the soil during vacuuming.
Helps to eliminate carpet wicking and reduces the potential for re-soiling.
What distinguishes Revive Carpet Repair & Cleaning as the best choice for your commercial carpet cleaning needs? We use encapsulation technology.
Using the best carpet cleaning technology is a priority at Revive Carpet Repair & Cleaning. We want to get your carpet as clean and dry as possible so you can get back to business as quickly as possible.
2) Cellulosic Browning Stain Removal Caused by Too Much Water
Cause of the browning & recurring stain appearing
 Wicking and recurring spill stains are a common problem with commercial glue down carpets.  They are exacerbated with the use of HWE expecially on Wool Carpets due to the Jute backing of the wool carpets.  Cellulosic browning caused by too much water on the Jute backing leads to the browning showing up after a HWE cleaning.  
Why did the carpet brown after cleaning?
Cellulosic browning may cause the brown discoloration of a carpet or rug after cleaning. Cellulose carpet fibers in jute carpet are susceptible to discoloration when exposed to moisture, come cleaning chemicals, and slow drying. Aging jute fibers can produce brown or reddish colorants, which wick to the carpet surface after cleaning.
Solution: We need to do a separate stain removal of the browning for both nylon & wool carpets.
Note: this MAY be a 2 step process
Why? Wool is a natural fiber and you cannot use a traditional hi alkaline or oxidation process as it will a) destroy the fiber or b) remove the brown & color.
We will apply a treatment and MAY possibly need to come back for a 2nd treatment. So, call us at 310-736-2018 if you need the browning removed or the water stain removed from your carpets.